Realizing Green Aquaculture – Closing the Cycle

To realize green aquaculture we need to design an aquaculture project that takes into consideration all the intake and outflow from the project. RAS is all about closing the cycles of the deposited nutrients. At an efficient conversion rate, the fish will carry about 30% and we will still have about 70% of the input Nutrients as some form of waste (Co2, TN, P etc.). This means that to close the cycle “We have our work cut out for us”, but at least those Nutrients are within reach.

Today, we already have various external solutions that allow us to realize real green aquaculture.

The following is a proposed flowchart of a RAS facility incorporating various systems like:

  • Denitrification
  • Crops aquaponics
  • Wastewater plant
  • Rendering plant
Realizing Green Aquaculture


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