Photoperiod LED Lamps

Blue Chip LED technology which delivers greater efficiency and allows the emission of the optimum spectrum required for fish.

It complies with rigorous standards of sealing, each lamp is subjected to a pressure test simulating immersion of up to 30 meters.

BioLed Photoperiod LED Lamps

BioLed Photoperiod LED Lamps

Each Lamp is subjected to measuring luminous flux and irradiation using a spectral sphere. 

High-quality standards, to prevent corrosive action and adverse weather conditions, which guarantee optimal performance in various environments.

Reduction of early maturity from 13% to 0.8% at the time of harvest.

Green LED

The green colour stimulates the pineal gland producing a significant reduction in the secretion of melatonin, slowing down the gonadal development and consequently the early maturity.


Mix Green & White LED

The mix between the green and white colour increases the area of influence of viable light, homogenizes the amount of light present in the water column, and produces the right spectral stimulus to improve growth and inhibit early maturity.

BIOLED Green and White

White LED

The white colour stimulates the retina photoreceptors, allowing a greater visualization of the pellet, activating the feeding.


BIOLED is a Chilean company specialized in artificial lighting systems.

With more than 14 years of experience, BIOLED is one of the pioneers in the use of LED technology – ARTIFICIAL PHOTOPERIOD – in the aquaculture industry.

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