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MAP Juvenile Systems sets conditions to protect and nourish the fish in its most
sensitive stage in a highly controlled environment, resulting in enhance
performance in the growout and the entire project.

MAP has designed, built, and managed several successful RAS facilities from Hatchery through Growout, acquiring the expertise to deliver Juvenile RAS facilities that are groundbreaking in terms of CAPEX, OPEX and innovation.


  • Interface with MAP hatchery for a seamless bio-secure production process.

  • MAP patented filtration Technology, markets most efficient in space, cost, and efficiency.

  • Commercially proven design that works for warm and coldwater species.​

  • Lowest energy consumption due to unique filtration and oxygenation components.

  • Built in Redundancy at every stage.

  • Designed for practical operations.

  • Temp-controlled for year-round production.

  • Mechanized fish harvest and Automated monitoring systems.


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