Pisces Fillet Machine

Head Cutting and Filleting Line

After twenty years in plant development, the world’s best Tilapia and other round fish filleting line is finally here! MAP is an investor and partner in the Development of the Pisces Filleting machine.

​Our patented de-head and fillet machine is a STATE-OF-THE-ART system that utilizes a high-speed programmable logic controller to individually measure the length of each fish as it enters the machine. Using this measurement, the unit can then adjust its cutting parameters according to a pre-selected cut value in order to obtain the maximum yield for each fish.

Head Cutting and Filleting Line

Pisces Fillet Machine

The machine utilizes three sets of circular blades to remove the backbone—one above, one below, and one at backbone width resulting in an extremely high-yield product. After backbone removal, a set of reciprocating blades carefully removes the ribs, producing fillets of a smooth, undamaged appearance. This versatile unit features options for complete rib removal or rib-in fillets, adjustable by simply pre-selecting a cut value on the user-friendly interface.

  • Exceeds productivity of hand filleting
  • User friendly PLC interface
  • Easy to operate
  • Low Maintenance costs
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Single operator from Hog to Fillet

Pisces Fillet Machine

The filleting machine is specifically designed to produce high-yielding fillets from fish in the size range of 600 grams to 3.5 KG dependent on species.

Handling capability species – Tilapia, Trout, Arctic Char, Barramundi, Snappers. Similar species where the rib follows the contour of the belly cavity.

Founded in 1983, Pisces Fish Machinery, Inc. and the founders of MAP have collaborated on a long range of successful fish processing projects.

Today Pisces keep part of MAP-directed alliance for optimizing processing.

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