MAP Products

MAP works with in-house solutions as well as trusted partner entities to provide an optimized and comprehensive solution to any Aquaculture project.

RAS Hatchery

RAS Hatchery

Juvenile RAS

RAS Juvenile

RAS Growout

RAS Growout

Pisces Filleting Machine

A patented, well-designed and fully automatic head cutting and filleting system to produce high-yielding
fillets from fish. With programmable logic controller to individually measure the length of each fish.

Photoperiod Lighting System

Bioled Photoperiod LED

Blue Chip LED Technology, which delivers efficiency and allows the emission of the optimum spectrum required from the fish guaranteeing the reduction of early maturity at the time of harvest.

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To provide Innovative Modular RAS systems with Lower CAPEX, Better ROI and close to market to support sustainability.



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