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MAP Aquaculture: Professional Guidance and Innovative Solutions
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Through a complete portfolio of essential expertise, MAP can provide projects with innovative technology, technical assistance and support to overcome challenges and to continuously enhance productivity and efficiency.

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Aquaculture Solutions based on Tried and True Systems
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Our core team of experts holds together over 100 years of experience of designing and managing diverse Aquaculture systems. We have developed our expertise through helping companies overcome extremely tough challenges and bringing them to profitability

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Experienced RAS Designers
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MAP’s unique RAS concept provides projects with leading technology, operational excellence, lower initial CAPEX and higher ROI. We provide RAS solutions for hatcheries, Juvenile and Growout.

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MAP is composed of veterans of large-scale aquaculture projects. We provide innovative RAS technology, competitive processing plants solutions and consulting project to help our customers develop profitable projects. MAP’s extensive experience allows you to get the support you need to expand your production or add High ROI elements like rendering plants and processing plants. As part of our services, we provide feasibility studies, site selection support, economic evaluation and experienced-based process design. We invite you to contact us and see how we can contribute to your project growth

Our Main Products

RAS Hatchery

RAS Hatchery

MAP has the capability to design, build and supply RAS Hatchery Systems for most of the commercial species in the markets today.

Juvenile RAS

RAS Juvenile

Using RAS solution for Juvenile reduces mortality, increases disease immunity and improves your overall facility performance.

Processing Plants

MAP’s team has built over 20 processing plants over the years! Well-designed flowlines with the most trusted equipment suppliers.

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Support Aquaculture Companies to Overcome Tough Challenges and Achieve Profitability and Growth.


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