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When approaching the immense and apparently complex field of Aquaculture, the novel investor needs a trustworthy partner with the experience and the capabilities to set the Aquaculture venture on track to a successful future outcome.


Many previously established Aquaculture companies realize that their project's performance does not match forecasts or that the project is essentially a small part of a much larger seafood supply chain.

Success in Aquaculture relies on countless critical components which should be managed by experienced people with a solid track record. An integration partner complements your company’s activities with a holistic vertically integrated top view approach which potentiates your companies competitiveness and resilience.


MAP has the built-in abilities to navigate you to a confident Investment is truly Sustainable Aquaculture with realistic business expectations and delivery on forecast outcomes. MAP has your venture's best interest in mind and is motivated by the business's profit line and not a short-term gain.

We invite novel investors contemplating an investment in the exciting field of Aquaculture to contact us as early as possible in the process to assure frequently disregarded aspects of the supply chain are carefully considered and to give their project a competitive edge.

Want to know how we can support your venture?

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