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MAP is an Aquaculture company founded by veteran large scale operators, which includes a network of multidisciplinary experts and trusted partner entities to provide you with a MAP to successfully Navigate to your objectives in Aquaculture along the entire value stream.


We are recognized for our practical innovative approach, honest analysis, and our wide vision that provides projects with leading technology and operational excellence

Our reputation has been built on the high quality and robust design of our products, deep process knowledge, as well as the capacity to deliver both small and large-scale systems that are efficient and resilient.

MAP’s vision is that aquaculture should be a force for the good of societies, the environment, and investors who recognize genuine value.




Yedod Snir

CEO & Founder

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B.E.Q degree in Aquaculture with over 25 years of large-scale Aquaculture management experience across species, culture systems, and countries. A pioneer in the Tilapia, Barramundi and the RAS Industry which has had the privilege to collaborate with some of the top minds and pioneers of the field. Yedod’s innovative and comprehensive perspective and experience allow him to tackle and mitigate many of the big challenges in Aquaculture today.


Mario Ramirez

CTO & Co-Founder

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M. A. Industrial Engineering. 25 years of Aqua–culture systems design, construction, and management experience. Mario has built and overseen all aspects of large scale vertically integrated operations in the companies Rainforest and Regal Springs and has a wealth of hands-on experience. Mario is the motor the propels the on-ground development bringing in projects on time and on budget.


Allan Reyes

Director of Cage Production

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B.Sc degree in Agronomy and M.A. in projects management. Allan has 15 years of experience in Honduras, Guatemala, and Indonesia. An expert in Limnology of lakes and the inherent communal social aspects. Allan has a sharp eye for details and a hands-on leadership approach.

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Denis Josué Mancia

Hatchery & Production Manager

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Agricultural Engineer with over 15 years of experience leading tilapia production from genetic program to delivering for Processing plant. Excellent level of managing and leading high-performance teams. Integral knowledge of production chain, risks, quality, and trouble solver.

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Larissa Dias

Marketing & Sales

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MBA in Strategic Business Management. Over the past 6 years, she has been working in the aquaculture and seafood industries, mostly in Asia and South/Central America. In addition to be involved in the marketing side, she strengthens partnerships with stakeholders, negotiates deals, and seeks out new market opportunities.


Novian Nur Andresena

Design & Engineering

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Skilled engineering manager with the ability to build and motivate a high-performing engineering team, 8 years of experience in Tilapia Farming and Processing Plant working with Engineering projects. Knowledgeable of design standards and budget administration.

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Grisel Alfaro


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Graduated in public accounting, with more than 23 years of experience in administration, logistics, purchasing and supply chain in industries with operations in Mexico, USA and Panama. Knowledge of the aquaculture business and market in Mexico and USA. She also reinforces the sales and operational area in approaching potential clients in monitoring their needs and requirements.

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Mario González

Process Engineer

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Over 20 years of industrial experience. He is capable to organise, managing, and performing preventive maintenance on equipment, systems, and infrastructures to increase productivity and efficiency. He is an expert in manufacturing techniques, product standardization, KPI's management, business and commercial operations.


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Israel Snir

President & Founder

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Over 4 decades of industrial Aquaculture experience. World leading pioneer of the Tilapia industry since 1980 through today. Recipient of the 2013 Heine award for instrumental role in the sector.


Magdalena Lamprecht

Markets Advisor

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M. A. in Global health management. Seafood veteran and expert in sales & marketing, as well as the environmental and social aspects of aquaculture. Entrepreneur in Regal Springs largest Tilapia producing company. Magdalena has been in the seafood industry since 2002.


Gina Conroy

Aquaculture Health Advisor

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Extensive experience in diagnosis, prevention, and control of aquatic organism diseases, with emphasis on environmental management, as well as biosecurity metrics in production. She has worked as a consultant for multinationals, government agencies, and the private sector, and as a professor for post-graduate courses in 7 LatAm countries.


Yaron Shaool

Financial Advisor

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B.Sc degree in Engineering with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in e-commerce and online startups in the precious metals industry. Strategic investor in innovative Aquaculture.

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Marine Forest - A MAP company in Mexico

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