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The HSU™ (Humane Stunner Universal) improves fish welfare by minimizing stress and poor handling associated with traditional slaughter methods.


This effective, safe, rapid, and humane stunning system ensures that the tilapia are stunned in less than one second with minimal stress prior to slaughter. 

Approved by Compassion in World Farming, BAP, and The Centre for Responsible Seafood,  this new technology ensures better treatment of the fish and helps deliver a superior quality product. 

tilapia stunner_edited.jpg


A-HSU™ stuns fish quickly and efficiently, meeting the high welfare standards expected by consumers, retailers & regulators.




100% stun rate



Various commercial species



Reduced handling and low stress


Can accommodate various fish delivery systems


Automated system with touch screen controls & remote monitoring

Developing welfare-first aquaculture technologies for more than 20 years.

Ace Aquatec products are engineered for the harshest environments and offer the latest technologies such as machine learning and the IoT, providing your company with the best tools to optimize welfare, quality, and efficiencies.

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