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If you're looking for the industry standard in fish graders for fingerlings and juveniles, you've come to the right place!


Our fish grader is trusted by hatcheries and aquaculture operations across the globe, providing accurate and reliable grading to ensure the health and growth of your fish.

L-20 Grader Basket

Designed to fit easily and securely into the Minnow-Saver L-20 Grader Box (small float frame). Baskets are made with rubber bars, and 3/16" aluminum rods spaced evenly in 51 different screen sizes.

Dimensions: 24.00in x 19.00in x 2.50in

L-40 Grader Basket

Grader Baskets for the L40 Box. Handmade with durability in mind.

Dimensions: 39.4 x 21.4 x 6 inches

Box Frames

Floating grader box and frame by Minnow-Saver; aluminum body, designed to hold one L-20 or L-40 compatible grader basket. 

Grader baskets sold separately.

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For over five decades, Minotech has been producing minnow graders, agitators, aerators, and a range of accessories and parts in the USA.

The company is thrilled to work with its customers and carry on the tradition of manufacturing top-notch products for the fishing industry.

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