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modular system

After decades of hands-on operation, MAP & AST joined forces and developed our first state-of-the-art INCUBATOR SYSTEM.


  • Low Energy

  • Low Water Loss

  • Air Operated

  • UV disinfection

  • AST PATENTED beadfilter

  • Automatic backwash

  • Removable absorption tanks

  • Heating system

  • Flow stabilization system

  • Energy efficient

  • Independent and biosecure

  • Modular and scalable

  • Aluminum frame

  • Made in the USA

key facts

• Low energy 1/8 hp

• Fully automated operation

• No moving parts for greater reliability

easy to operate

• Suitable for air lift or pump configuration

• Low maintenance

• Optional auto-purging sludge concentrator


• Mechanical and biological filtration in one unit

• No media replacement necessary

• Auto-pneumatic backwash

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World Leader in Bead Filter Design & Technology.

AST has over 20 years of experience engineering and manufacturing advanced water filtration solutions for high-volume applications.

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