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MAP’s value proposition is to provide our projects with a turn-key processing plant as part of our Vertical Integration business model.

MAP fully designs and integrates every aspect of your processing plant. 

  • Raw Material receiving

  • Stunning and bleeding Areas

  • Trimming, Filleting, and portioning lines

  • Grading and Packing Systems

  • Freezing and Chilling Systems

  • Quality Control Station

  • Value added & By Product Systems

  • Social & Support Services Areas

  • Waste Water Treatment

Processing Plants

Well-designed and managed processing plants determine not only the product’s Yield and Quality, but also your company’s Competitiveness and Branding in the Marketplace!


Wholesome and efficient Value adding to byproducts is essential to profitability!


MAP’s team has extensive experience with building processing plants for with more than 20 processing plants for various species.


The experience we bring coupled with innovative thinking allows us to provide your company with a modern plant complex, which is optimized and customized for the lowest CAPEX and OPEX.

MAP directs the Alliance for Optimized Products (AOP) which combines a group of trusted partner entities coming together to provide the industry with comprehensive processing solutions and turn-key processing plants.

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