Professional Guidance – Aquaculture Consulting

MAP can provide your company with professional guidance on a wide spectrum of critical fields.

Fish Health Support

Field visits by some of the most experienced fish health Veterinarians and Microbiologists to develop strategies for mitigating and preventing based on your system’s specific conditions.

Fish Health Support

Aquaculture Nutritional Formulation

Nutritional Formulation

Nutrition represents the major raw material in importance and costs in most Aquaculture operations. MAP’s nutritionist advisors will review your company’s formulas and cost structure and market opportunities and make the necessary optimizations to increase your productivity.

Production Planning

Any Aquaculture facility is only as good as the production plan implemented in it. MAP is built from Veteran operators which have decades of experience planning and optimizing production. In working operations, we collaborate innovatively together with your local team to determine how we can make things better.

Fish Production Planning

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

MAP will never recommend starting a new Aquaculture project without a feasibility study. A professional deep discovery process to expose the Weaknesses and Strengths, Risks and Opportunities of a planned project is essential for investors to reduce their investment exposure. MAP provides full thorough bankable studies from “Planning through Branding” to give novel investors the confidence to invest in responsible Aquaculture.

Limnology Studies

A Natural water body’s ability to sustain Aquaculture in cages, Raceways, Ponds etc. is referred to as the carrying capacity. Our feasibility study will determine the water bodies carrying capacity and locate the specific sites within it that are most fit for Sustainable (no long-term negative impact on the water body.

Limnology Study

Aquaculture Research and Development

Research and Development

MAP conducts practical research to provide you answer fast and to allow you to make educated and based decisions. Some examples for R&D may be on; New Species, Seed source, Feed formulas, Filtration Equipment, Therapeutants etc.

Product Branding

MAP’s marketing advisors are very prominent in the US and LATAM markets and are familiar with the specific standards and certifications required by each of the large retail chains. MAP’s will work with your project towards a product that is sustainably raised Socially and Environmentally creating a product story that markets appreciate.

Fish Product Branding

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