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The Speed Cleaning Machine revolutionizes the fish processing industry with its innovative use of high-pressure water jets to efficiently and accurately eviscerate and scale up to 28 fish per minute.

Designed for optimal speed and ease of use, the compact machine requires only one operator.

The SCM streamlines fish processing by quickly anD efficiently descaling and removing internal organs, optimizing productivity for processors.

The SCM can handle fish weighing between 200 and 1200 grams, making it an ideal choice for processing a variety of commercial species with flat bodies, such as tilapia, gilt - head bream, sea bass, and grouper .

fast, efficient & easy to operate

highly efficient & cost-effective solution

slashes labor costs


optimizes yield

significantly increases revenue


Pladot is committed to developing efficient, high quality products for the fish processing industry.

Pladot has successfully penetrated the fish processing industry and is proud to offer its customers the innovative Speed Cleaning Machine the world’s only fully-automated gutting and scaling machine.

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